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Thread Repairs

We can repair the following types of threads on site

Metric - Fine, Medium and Coarse, UNC, UNF,  BSP, BSW, BSF,  it is also possible to repair some left hand threads.
We carry an extensive range of threaded inserts, both wire type and Time-Serts.

If a thread has been previously repaired, as long as there is enough material around the problem area, it can be repaired using
big-serts to get the thread to its original specification, eg, on pulled Helicoils, worn or over drilled holes.

We use Recoil, Helicoil and Timesert products for our thread repairs as they are all made to very high specifications,

We can carry out the repair on site at the customer's premises,
 or in our workshop on items sent to us.

We sell Wurth Timesert Kits.

Often we can repair the damaged thread in situ without stripping to provide a fast and cost effective service,
 resulting in minimum downtime and inconvenience. We can usually remove sheared and damaged bolts and studs
as part of our service and are now offering a locking wheel nut removal service where the key has been lost or
the wheel nut damaged, also removal of studs etc  with broken extractors or studs that are too hard to drill by
spark eroding.

With experience in the motor trade since 1962, we have come across numerous instances of broken bolts, studs, drills and taps,
 together with stripped internal and external threads, which we have successfully repaired with the use of appropriate equipment

Broken drills, taps and studs with broken extractors in them can
be removed by spark eroding.


Our mechanics are trained in the use of portable spark eroding equipment
to remove broken taps, drills and studs and in the fitting of inserts
 to reclaim stripped internal threads.





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